Pilates is a lifestyle

My name is Urszula and I am a Qualified Mat-based Pilates Instructor L3, VTCT Certified.

Pilates can help you to get fit, it will also improve your posture and mobility as well as reshape your body – you will get leaner and stronger!

Pilates Promise:

In 10 Sessions you will start feeling better.

In 20 Sessions you will start looking better.

In 30 Session you will have the new body.

My aim is to encourage and inspire others to a healthy & happy lifestyle.

My Classes

I currently teach in two venues: Guide Hut by the Ballard Lake and St Mary Magdalene Church Hall in New Milton.

The classes are on Monday 9.15 AM and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 5.30 PM & 7 PM.

All levels are welcome, however, I particularly concentrate on beginners up to intermediate level

Pilates classes in New Milton
Pilates helps me improving my flexibility and my poor posture.
I also highly recommend
UrsyPilates as a lower back pain solution.
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Keith Cooper
Welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Good tuition with different challenge levels suited to each participant. Highly recommend!
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Dave Orme
Urszula is a great instructor with an individual approach and makes sure you execute the exercise correctly. Definitely recommend her class if you are looking for a gentle type of exercise or just starting your fitness journey.
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Anna U
Urszula’s Pilates classes are welcoming and accommodating all levels. The herbal teas at the start of the class are a thing I’ve never experience before but it’s something I look forward each week. She’s a warm, passionate and kind teacher. She’s well versed in body’s muscles. Her routines are mixtures of strengthening and balance exercises to give a holistic workout. I would recommend her classes to all for mental well-being and a sense of community and a way to keep your body supple and free of aches.
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Emma Ackerley
Barton-on-Sea resident who has been doing the Pilates and yoga for 6 years